“Zerone Duo” Deniz Tafaghodi & Farbod Maeen is working on electroacoustic music, audio-visuals, sound installations, game sound design and performance arts. “Zerone Duo” was formed in Tehran, Iran, by two sound artists Farbod Maeen and Deniz Tafaghodi.

Farbod Maeen
Iranian sound artist, (b.1985 Tehran, Iran), graduated in Electrical engineering and Interior design Architecture. Started his career in music as a guitar player in 2003, composing music and sound designing for contemporary dance performances, theatres, movies and games since 2009.

Deniz Tafaghodi
Iranian sound artist, pianist, and interdisciplinary composer, (b.1997 Tehran, Iran), studied B.A in Music, Azad Art & Architecture University of Tehran. She started playing piano since 2003 and composing music and sound designing for theatre, games, performance arts since 2012.