Rostam Aziz, PhD in contemporary art. The context of my artistic work is not connected to a specific medium, but generally, my artworks based on a collection of stories that were happened in the region in Kurdistan-Iraq in which I grew up which I am also aware of many of them, especially socio-political stories.  I often like those stories that people produced multiple narrations for them that you don’t know which one of them is true. To perform my artworks, I am mostly used calligrapher’s methods, especially banner-making. When I write stories on the banner, I get an advantage from both sides of the banner to create my work, and while I am writing stories, I like to write multiple layers of stories above each other to not get the audience a direct meaning of the stories. Another aspect of the banner-making that I use is the traces of stories on the banners that leak to a backing surface, ultimately these traces going to be completely mixed and accumulated on top of each other, which does not give you any obvious writing which I often use them as a new genre of painting.