We are very happy to announce “SHAWR” Space21 Radio Art Festival 2020 during corona time.

“SHAWR” will take place between 14th and 17th of December 2020 in the city of Slemani, Kurdistan

SHAWR, this Kurdish word, describes a sound that comes from a wind instrument or a traffic police whistle. SHAWR is a sound that is used to make aware, to provoke or create attention. 

Therefore this year we decided to have SHAWR as a theme for Space21’s first radio art festival. SHAWR wants to draw attention to the critical aspects of listening and sound through various mediums.  

SHAWR is a platform that can reflect on the everyday life of the Kurdish society and culture through listening. Sounds can give birth to awareness for our surroundings through listening, thinking and reflecting. Because we are living in a time where it is vital not just to understand but also to listen deeply to the things that surround us and shape our life. 

In this edition for 2020 during the pandemic, Space21 explores sounds of SHAWR through a radio art festival which includes public radio live streaming on the street of Slemani, online streaming music improvisations, experimental music, noise music, talks and more. We open the ears and body for listening.

We will broadcast our festival via online streaming worldwide and small FM transmitters in public spaces in Slemani. The program is also broadcast on Cashmere Radio (Berlin)Radio Corax (Halle)Sphere Radio (Leipzig), and TeslaFM (Barcelona)

Four groups will create Four independent shows on different topics. Each day we broadcast two programmes: Talk and Performance

Locations: Public Spaces in Slemani, local FM and Online

Curated by Hardi Kurda, co-curators: Klaas Hübner and Abel Korinsky. 

Programme coordinators: Tina Klatte, Khanda Sarchl, Khabat Abas, Niga Salam

 14 December:

Sound Art/Radio/Noise

Talk and Experimental Performance (2 HR) With: Julia Gerlach, Ralf Wendt, Michalis Moschoutis, Tracy Fuad
Moderators: Hardi Kurda, Tina Klatte.

Solo Performances:  

Mir Shamal, Michalis Moschoutis, Khabat Abas and Klaas Hübner (1 HR)

15 December:  

Sound and Gender

Talk (2 HR) With Khabat Abas, Peshraw Mohammad, Cedrik Fermont, Huba de Graaff. Moderators: Niga Salam, Abel Korinsky.

Solo Performances:  

Magda Lampropoulou, Hardi Kurda, Sharif Sehnaoui, Cedrik Fermont (1 HR)

16 December:

Listening in Times of Crisis

Talk (2 HR) With: Sharif Sehnaoui, Christina Hazboun, Rojin Sharafi, Hardi Kurda. Moderators: Khabat Abas, Klaas Hübner

Solo Performances: 

Ali Ahmad, Greg Haji Joannides, Rojin Sharafi (1 HR)

17 December: 

Fiction Future of Kurdistan Through Listening

Experimental Talk and Performance(2 HR). With: Hero Khosrawi, Niga Salam, Klaas Hübner, Brandon LaBelle. Moderators: Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas.

Solo Performances: 

Abel Korinsky, Amer Ali and Brandon LaBelle (1 HR)