Lama Hazboun, a Music industry professional, festival director, event producer, cultural manager and consultant, has been operating in the music and cultural field for the past two decades in Jordan and the Middle East.

Founder of the first independent music and cultural event management company OrangeRed, 2004 in Amman – Jordan, seeking to enrich the cultural scene, to promote contemporary music in all its forms, and spread awareness towards the important need of making diversified quality music available, as well as making events and festivals accessible to the local audience. All in which a platform and a space for representing, promoting, and supporting Jordanian artists has been successfully created enabling them to communicate their talent and experience regionally and internationally, through creating and maintaining cultural exchanges, and networking opportunities within the Arab world and initiating partnerships, all in collaboration with key cultural institutors, promoters, and funders, whether in the private or public sectors.

In 2012, she established the Amman Jazz Festival which annually celebrates diversity and cultural fusion, featuring International and local artists to present and work together to produce a vast variety of jazz expressions and fresh new sounds.

Lama is the Vice President of MusiConnect Asia, the producer of the annual Asia Music Summit.