Ida Mårdhed (SWE, 32 y.) is currently studying her Bachelor in Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, at Bergen University (NO), after working in and outside of gallery spaces with her own practice and theatre works, for the last 12 years.
Her background in activism, journalism and social/pedagogical work are often visible in the social/political aspect of the works, which addresses questions and dichotomies such as vulnerability/strength, terms and means for/of communication, civilization and our behavioural patterns; how we relate to ourselves and each other and how that affects/reflects in our realities.
The media used for her work varies between installation, performance and audio/video – all of them aiming to create contemplation and self-reflection through ritualistic and/or rhythmical structures, often playing with perception and the use of “malfunctioning” material.
She has been presenting her works at Blekinge County Museum (Karlskrona, Sweden), FRANK art gallery, Galleri SLÄTTEN, Freakshow Public Art Project, AltCom Festival and Galleri 21 (Malmö, Sweden), Prärien Art & Cultur Fest (Huaröd, Sverige) and Galeria Zé Dos Bois (Lissabon, Portugal).

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