Dror Feiler Eye – bleeding composer of intifadic and eruptive lung – outs.

Music trasher, reeds player and a political activist.

Born 1951 in Tel Aviv, Israel and living in Sweden since 1973.

Plays the soprillo, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor & contrabass saxophones.

B-flat clarinet, basset horn, contrabass clarinet and operates computerized sound systems.


With his ardent sense of vocation Dror Feiler must rank as one of Sweden’s leading composers & improvisation musicians. In the recent years his reputation as a musician and composer is growing fast and some of the most important European orchestras, festivals and ensembles has commissioned and performed works by him. (Stockholm New Music, Donaueschingen Festival, Huddersfiled Festival, Wien Modern, Tectonics Festival, Warsaw Autumn)

Performed and recorded with orchestras, ensembles and solo in Sweden, Russia, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Bosnia,

Croatia, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria,

Switzerland, France, Israel, Palestine, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Germany, France, Japan, South Africa,

Colombia, Mexico, U.S.A. Brazil and Argentina during the last 40 years.

Composed music for: Ensamble Modern (Germany), Klangforum Wien, Hessischer rundfunk orchestra, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Neo (Sweden), Krommata percussion ensemble (Sweden), Kvartludium (Polend), Ascolta (Germany), Contrechamps (Switzerland), Ensemble New Music Tallin, Vertixsonora (Spain), Kammarensambeln (Sweden), GGR Betong (Sweden), Gageego (Sweden).

When speaking about his music and art he shows a will to work with music that deals with the world:

“I want always to deal with the grim problems in life: Beat the White the red wedge (Revolution); Schlafbrand (Second World War); Let the Millionaires go Naked (Revenge of the poor); Intifada and Halat Hisar (Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Tikkun Olam (changing the world). Aesthetics per se do not interest me. More than that it is dangerous. When I compose or play I do not look for beauty, but for truth”. He often depicts, fortissimo and at great length, a violent struggle, concerning the composition Maavak (struggle) he says: ”Maavak does not describe the struggle Maavak is the struggle.”

Dror Feiler has been active in solidarity work in the Israeli / Palestinian context since 1970 (was among the initiators for “Ship to Gaza Sweden” and is a spoke person for the organization) and he has been engaged in solidarity work in the Colombian context since the middle of the 1990’s

Dror Feiler is the vice president of  The Swedish Society of Composers


Dror Feiler is CEO of Swedish Music


Founder (1976) of free music improvisation group LOKOMOTIV KONKRET.

Founder (1983) and artistic leader of THE TOO MUCH TOO SOON ORCHESTRA.

Vice President for FST (Society of Swedish Composers)

Chairman for Svensk Music (Swedish Music)

Chairman for EJJP (European Jews for a Just Peace)