SPACE21 LGW Embassy in Kurdistan-Iraq.


Le Guess Who? 's borderless and boundary-crossing ethos led us to create a platform that promotes international collaboration with partners to amplify their local scenes to an international audience: LGW Embassies.

During this year's festival, we're sharing experiences and artists from Kurdistan-Iraq, India, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Sudan, China and Palestine.


We are approaching this hybrid platform as an opportunity to democratize culture and use digital content as a vehicle to disseminate ideas, involve audiences and promote real-life gatherings.


With LGW Embassies, we're showcasing the originality and creativity of China’s diverse indie music scenes and we're presenting a musical incubator for artists that shows the cultural wealth of Brazil condensed in the state of Pernambuco. We'll have a tour through the music scene of Cairo, a listening journey to the city of Slemani (Kurdistan-Iraq), get to know the strong rhythms, melancholy lyrics, and bittersweet taste of the Sudanese music scene and also MEXPOSURE, “el sonido del barrio”, a playful combination of sounds, rhythms and other explorations from the different neighborhoods and streets of Mexico City.


Both our local (physical) and global (digital) audience will be able to experience short performances woven together with interviews with a selected group of visionary Indian talents, and from Palestine we're presenting experiences that resists physical boundaries through sonic content.


Via we're bringing Le Guess Who? to the world, and the world to Le Guess Who?. COSMOS is an ever-expanding platform to connect like-minded people, no matter where they are based. It connects the onsite and the online and promotes unique connections beyond music, beyond performances and beyond borders.

Le Guess Who?


Abandonment Spaces

Date: 29th September 2022

Venues and Times:

11:00am-12pm Saray Building

2:30-3:30pm Red Jail Museum

6:00-7:00pm Culture Factory (Old Tobacco Factory)